Product Verification

Ensure your design is ready for commercialisation before field deployment

Design reviews

Independent design reviews gets you the feedback on your design that can only be achieved by including an external party.

We bring our wealth of experience to help ensure that your design is as you see it.

We can participate in design review meetings, or perform a detailed design review of a complete design documentation package and deliver marked up prints with comments and recommendations.

Testing & Qualification

Testing & qualification is not a singular project phase performed prior to taking a product to market, it should be an integral part of the product design process. Testing as early as possible in the design process can verify critical components and sub-systems and optimise the design.

Armech Solutions can provide testing & qualification consultancy services. Our scope of work can be designed to suit the project needs; from recommending a series of tests required to ensure a product is fit-for-purpose, to recommending test facilities, writing test procedures or designing test fixtures we can help.

We have experience in testing & qualification of oilfield equipment, which is extensively regulated and requires rigorous testing prior to first time deployment. This mind-set can be applied to any industry, ensuring safe and fit-for-purpose products.

Learn how to assess fatigue lifetime using FEA

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