3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

3D printing and rapid prototyping are nowadays integral in product design and development. It allows stakeholders to see physical components working together and allows engineers to improve ergonomics, design for manufacture and product functionality.

Armech Solutions have an in-house 3D printer to allow the fastest possible design iterations to occur, but we also appreciate the value of outsourcing large assemblies to produce a quantity of parts not possible in-house. Having access to a 3D printer is only part of the jigsaw puzzle. To allow assemblies to function together, 3D models often require modifications like threaded inserts, geometry alterations, etc. Armech Solutions can provide a complete rapid prototyping service; if you can provide us with 2D drawings or 3D models we will ensure that the 3D printed parts are produced correctly; or if 3D printed plastic parts are not suitable, we will utilise our network of manufacturing vendors to produce metal parts with a fast turnaround.

Design for Manufacture​​

Engineering departments often focus primarily on functionality when designing the first iteration of a new product, this allows the physics of the problem to be verified in the fastest time possible, with minimal utilisation of engineering resources. Armech Solutions can utilise our extensive design-for-manufacture experience and close relationships with sub-contract machine shops to transition a working prototype to a production ready product, allowing in-house R & D departments to focus on R & D.

Design for manufacture is not only about cost reduction, parts that are difficult to produce may lead to quality issues in the long term, or an over reliance on quality control.

Supplier Sourcing​​

Companies new to product development, operating in a new field, or trying to manufacture an especially complex part may not know know any reliable competent sub-contractors. Armech Solutions can expedite this process by engaging with known vendors to manufacture your product. Partnering with a vendor who already has a relationship with Armech Solutions ensures that the process is seamless, and the right vendor is chosen according to the complexities of the product being produced.

Other than machined/fabricated parts, we can also source vendors who supply niche bespoke components, For example motors, valves, pumps and motor controllers for high temperature applications.