Engineering Consultancy Services

Armech Solutions are a scalable extension of your own engineering department. A flexible resource to be called upon when required.

Conceptual studies

Often people know what the problem is, or what they want to achieve, but don’t know the means by which to realise a solution. We can perform conceptual studies to generate ideas and rank these ideas, or we can provide experienced engineers to participate in an on-going process, introducing fresh insight and perspective. We provide out-of-the-box thinking combined with strong technical engineering acumen.

Material selection and surface treatments

Armech Solutions can perform material selection studies to find the optimum material for a particular application. If required, this can be done in accordance with NACE MR-0175, or any other industry standard.

3D Visualization and 3D rendering

Armech Solutions can produce photo-realistic renderings for marketing or training purposes. The renderings can be animations or images, depending on the requirements. We work with our clients to understand what they want to achieve and will actively propose creative ideas that can achieve the desired outcomes.

Design, calculations and analysis for high-assurance industries

On-site engineers

For projects that require onsite engineers we can provide engineers to work at our client’s facility and essentially function as a temporary member of the in-house engineering team.

Technical documentation

Technical documentation is an essential part of engineering design and product development. From documenting requirements or problem definition to user manuals and product datasheets, no product can be taken to market successfully without good technical documentation. Armech Solutions can provide first class technical documentation as part of our engineering design services. Typical documentation that we have produced in the past is: user manuals, design reports, functional requirements, product datasheets, specifications

Concept to CAD

Armech Solutions can provide CAD services and drafting services to turn an idea or paper sketch into a CAD design. If required, our CAD services can be used to reverse engineer a product and produce 3D models and 2D manufacturing drawings. Or, we can produce 3D models of historical 2D drawings. We can provide CAD design services using Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor and PTC Creo.

This engineering design service facilitates a quick transition for companies upgrading from 2D Cad systems, or paper drawings, to modern 3D parametric CAD systems.

We can also advise and assist in the implementation of PDM/PLM systems.

IP support

Patents are an essential mechanism for innovative companies to protect their proprietary designs. Armech Solutions can assist by liaising with a patent attorney and producing a summary report and sketches of the invention.

We can also perform freedom-to-operate studies during the development process to verify that there are no existing patents prohibiting a proposed design.

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