Product Design Services

We transform market opportunities into exceptional products.
Turnkey engineering, from concept to commercialisation

Harsh environments

High temperature

High pressure

Chemical contaminants

Downhole tools

Marine & Offshore

Electro-hydraulic systems

Motor and pump specification

Hydraulic circuit design

Valve design

Hydraulic pumps and motors

High-pressure feedthrus

Mechanical design

Drive train design & analysis

Concept engineering

Detail design

3D visualisation


Electro-mechanical systems

BLDC motors and controllers


Power supply design


Marine & Offshore

Offshore handling systems


Design to class rules

Why use a product design consultancy

You might not have the in-house expertise to develop a product and bring it to market or the engineering capacity available. Engaging with a specialist product design consultancy can enable you to compete without the time, cost and risk associated with increasing headcount and investing in the software and hardware needed to do so.