We provide engineering services on a pay-as-you-go basis to enable you to realise your vision

Fluid flow through a pipe analysed using ANSYS CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Simulate multiphase fluid flow and heat transfer problems to optimise system performance. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) Cost-effective, iterative design methodology Test multiple scenarios

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An - offshore structure - example of the complex geometry that can be analysed using FEA

Finite Element Analysis

Visualise a structure’s behaviour when it’s subjected to loading, and determine if it’s strong enough and how it responds Stress analysis Cost-effective, iterative design methodology

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Complex machining, casting, 3D printing and fabrication services managed by Armech Solutions


Let us take some of the load with rapid prototyping, design for manufacture and supplier sourcing 3D printing and rapid prototyping If you can provide

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A bespoke wireline downhole tool designed using Solidworks

Product Design Services

We transform market opportunities into exceptional products. Turnkey engineering, from concept to commercialisation Harsh environments High temperature High pressure Chemical contaminants Downhole tools Marine &

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Verify your products physically or virtually using finite element analysis

Product Verification

Ensure your design is ready for commercialisation before field deployment Design reviews Independent design reviews gets you the feedback on your design that can only

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