Downhole Tools

If you have an application that requires, or could benefit from a custom-built downhole tool; whether that be wireline, slickline, coiled tubing or drill pipe deployed; we can assist.

We have an extensive network of vendors who supply tried and tested components suitable for the high-pressure, high-temperature demands of downhole tools. From motors and motor controllers, to pumps and micro-hydraulic valves; we’ve got it in our repertoire.

We have a proven track record in developing downhole tools for numerous applications. For example:


  • Fishing tools
  • Bailers
  • Locking mechanisms with jar to release
  • Selective manipulation with J-slot mechanism


  • Electronics packaging assemblies, including: various sensors and instrumentation, multi-pin connectors, motor controllers, desiccant (to increase long term reliability), etc.
  • Hydraulic systems, including: Micro-submersible pumps, micro-hydraulic valves/components, manifold blocks, pressure/temperature compensation systems, etc.
  • Drive trains, utilising bespoke components such as: submersible motors, custom designed gears and bearings, etc