About Us

About Us

Product development and engineering services for harsh environments and high assurance industries.


Enabling our clients to expand engineering frontiers and answer future market needs.


Providing simple solutions to complex problems.

Our Values

Understand the goal and define the problem before trying to generate solutions


Customer Focus


Technical Excellence

Who We Are and What We Do

Armech Solutions is a product development and engineering consultancy, with over 30 years of engineering experience, founded in 2017. We provide engineering solutions for harsh environments and highly regulated industries. Our engineers specialise in equipment for the Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Offshore Wind, Marine and theme park industries, either as a turnkey supplier or as part of a larger team. Our innovative mind-set coupled with the knowledge of operating with adherence to strict regulatory governance, positions us uniquely to provide first-class product development and engineering consultancy services.

Engineering Design & Product Development

Drive Train Design & Analysis

Mechanical Engineering


BLDC Motors & Controllers


Hydraulic Systems

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Structural Analysis (FEA)

Static Structural Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Fatigue & Durability

Dynamic Analysis


Pressure Vessels


Fluid Flow (CFD)

Drag Reduction


Fan, Turbo and Pump Performance

Multiphase Erosion

Electronics Cooling

Gas Dispersion